Welcome to the Sand Hill Angels funding application.
As a matter of policy, SHA prohibits participation in 506(c) deals at this time. Please do not apply to SHA if your startup is subject to the provisions of 506 (c).

We look forward to reviewing your application. While some fields are optional, we highly recommend you fill-out all fields in this application to the best of your ability. Please DO NOT fill fields with "See Exec Summary" or something similar.

Your elevator pitch, financials, team strengths and market opportunity are very important to us.

Any other documents you are willing to submit will help us in our decision. Additional documents like short video pitches help us see you and your passion for your idea. Please take the time to make your application stand out and good luck!

We look forward to receiving your application and hope you'll benefit from thinking about some of the questions we ask.

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Company Basics
Market Opportunity
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